Should We Be “Anti-Gay?”

Having lived in Minnesota for 35 of my 42 years of life, I still keep track of what happens in the 10,000 lake state.  A few days ago, I read an article from the Minneapolist Star Tribune that addressed the issue of whether or not the GOP is “anti-gay” (  This phrase “anti-gay” got me thinking.  Should anyone be “anti-gay?”  The phrase is quite ambiguous and therefore is a useful catch-phrase for those with a political agenda.

To what could this phrase be referring? Perhaps it refers to various societal rights and privileges related to marriage, health care or the Armed Services, etc. that some people believe homosexuals should not have. It also could have a moral reference; homosexuality is wrong by some absolute moral code or even perhaps by a cultural, relativistic code. This phrase also does not distinguish between a moral conviction about homosexuality and the personal attitude toward and treatment of those who are homosexuals.

As Christians, we should have two approaches when dealing with this issue.  First, we should be known as those who are “anti-sin” and not just “anti” certain sins.  We are “anti” to anything that is contrary to God’s revealed moral will for human beings to do or not do.  Second, while we must consider homosexuality a sin against the creator of humanity and sexuality, we do not want to have an attitude of “anti” against any person. As neighbors of humanity in this common neighborhood of the world, we must love all in hopes that God may also grant repentance toward those who are in sin.  Third, while we need to decry all sin as against God, we must recognize that some sins like homosexuality are far greater in their destruction potential of families and the societal structure.  If we are “anti-gay,” meaning against homosexuality itself as a practice, it would be for the sake of the enduring welfare of our society. 



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